St. Modwen is the UK's leading regeneration specialist, with a a 30-year long track record of transforming brownfield and urban environments into. The company creates sustainable communities that enhance the environment as well as the economy.


The business is built on a reputation for identifying opportunities that other developers either ignore or lack the experience and expertise to exploit.

What do you see?

What do you see?

St. Modwen is a different sort of property development organisation, with specialist experience and a unique skill set. Our challenge was to capture this difference in words and imagery and use the 2015 annual report to differentiate St. Modwen from its peers, demonstrating the investment case with clarity and creativity.

The front cover immediately marks St. Modwen as a distinctively different company in a marketplace characterised by me-too players. The concept is based on 'potential', with the headline 'What do you see?' challenging readers to think again about regeneration and opportunity. On the following pages, this leads neatly into discourse on the St. Modwen way of looking at the property sector. Where others see problems and challenges, St. Modwen sees jobs, communities and income. The flow of these early pages sets the tone for the narrative and structure that follows, as the report guides the reader through St. Modwen's capabilities, achievements and prospects.

Tailored business model
Clear and detailed strategy and KPIs

We held a business model workshop with senior stakeholders and subsequently evolved the business model to a significant degree, explaining in greater detail what the business does and how it does it. The business model is now tailored precisely to St. Modwen and its way of working. The resources and relationships section has also moved forwards in detail and clarity while the strategy section features KPIs and key risks, showing good linkage in an area where some companies in this sector struggle.

This is our fourth annual report for St. Modwen and is anecdotally recognised by internal and external stakeholders as the most striking and engaging yet. It tells a simple, strong story with creativity and focus.

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