Sodexo is one of the world’s biggest employers, but the scale and diversity of their workforce can pose challenges for all-staff communications. With Radley Yeldar’s help, Sodexo has undertaken its first ever company-wide online employee engagement survey. 

For the company’s 50th anniversary, Sodexo were determined to encourage their 425,000-strong workforce to participate in an online employee engagement survey. Geographically and culturally diverse, 78% of Sodexo’s employees work on the front-line, embedded in thousands of different client locations and without access to Sodexo’s email network. So, for Sodexo, an all-staff online survey is a difficult thing to achieve. 

Our challenge was to develop a bold, creative and thought-provoking communications idea that would drive participation, as well as detailed and practical communications planning to support the survey’s completion.

Planning for success

To tackle this brief, the key lay in truly understanding this diverse workforce. We undertook research, segmenting audiences by discipline and role, and conducting global stakeholder interviews to determine what would resonate. It was clear that even those at the front line were keen to have their voices heard - and Sodexo was giving them a chance to do just that. This was an opportunity to make company history, to lead the way for organisational change.

Landing the big idea

This insight led us to our creative idea, “Point the Way”. Both informal and empowering, “Point the Way” was a message that all employees could relate to, and had the flex to support distinct messages across the company hierarchy. We translated it into four different languages rolled it out across a wide range of assets including posters, banners, physical props and digital elements. We also created toolkits for HR, District Managers and Site Managers, so they could activate the campaigns to suit their own unique audiences.

Measuring success

“Point the Way” generated 240,000 completed surveys, surpassing our 200,000 target, up from 88,000 in 2014. It was clear that with messaging that resonated both geographically and intellectually, communicated across a range of different media, Sodexo’s employees felt empowered to help “point the way”.



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