Retail Stockbroker, the Share Centre needed a brand refresh that would better articulate their proposition and attract new customers to the world of investing.

The main challenge of ISA advertising is articulating the benefits of an ISA in an imaginative and compelling way while remaining compliant. The Share Centre is not widely known and time constraints meant there was no opportunity to carry out wider brand awareness activities ahead of the ISA campaign. This meant the creative team needed a way to quickly establish confidence in the Share Centre brand.

To better articulate the Share Centre’s proposition, our creative team needed to create and define their new visual language. We then developed their first advertising campaign using the new branding. The aim of the investment ISA campaign was to engage customers in a crowded and confusing marketplace and break down perceived barriers to investing.

Our strategy consisted of an integrated digital and offline advertising campaign using a combination of traditional investment titles and websites, coupled with broader interest financial placements, such as Moneywise, and financial sections of newspapers. PR, social media and outdoor advertising utilising Taxi liveries were also used to increase the message volume around ISA, and serve as a reminder of the ISA deadline.

As a result of this campaign the Share Centre experienced a 123% increase in direct enquirers and a 32% increase in sales.

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