Strategy& was formed by PwC as a new kind of consulting business, with a unique scale and focus on ‘practical strategy’. They wanted a high-impact advertising campaign to explain what was happening, and the strength of the new offer.

Early stages of the 3D chalk painting

Making an impact

As PwC’s first global above-the-line campaign for over a decade, this new offering needed to make an impact. To help bring this to life, they asked us to develop a campaign which would include a film to announce it to the world. As this was a story of bringing things uniquely together, we wanted to bring multiple dimensions to the making and sharing of this story.

Tracy Lee Stum in action

Capturing the change

We developed a film as a central platform for explaining the offer. To really bring to life the ‘strategy through execution’ idea we worked with world-renowned 3D street artist Tracy Lee Stum. The film captured the creation of one of her 3D street-art paintings, and told by analogy the tale of PwC and Booz & Company coming together. Created and filmed in PwC’s Zurich offices, its detailed involvement in the creative process dramatised Strategy&’s way of working, as well as narrating the benefits this brings to the business landscape. The creation of the painting was an involving art event in its own right, creating buzz and intrigue as its message was slowly unveiled.

The result

An 88% increase in traffic to the Strategy& website during the period of the campaign. Nearly 13,000 views of the film within the first few weeks after launch. Creation of the painting and film within PwC’s Zurich offices brought an interactive element to the campaign, capturing the imagination of public and PwC staff alike, who photographed and shared the spectacle on social media channels. The painting remained in situ for several weeks after the shoot completed, as an ongoing promotional art event.

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