Safety is a priority for Network Rail, which invests heavily in external rail safety campaigns


Safety is a constant priority for Network Rail

They which invests heavily in external rail safety campaigns. But to affect real change it had to campaign internally too, seeking to embed safety at the very heart of the organisation. Yet this would involve a radical change in mind-set, challenging the widespread belief that safety was a 'front line' issue, rather than the responsibility of all. In 2012, with the Olympics threatening to put extra pressure on the network, the need to change such belief and behaviour became increasingly urgent. They called on us to help tackle this challenge.

A national rail network, by definition, has to be joined up

It needs to ensure every part of this network operates safely for customers and employees alike. The UK rail network, already one of the busiest in the world, knew that the 2012 Olympics meant a more urgent need to ensure safety was recognised and implemented by all. To do this, it needed a campaign to tackle the perception that safety was a 'front line' issue, encouraging every member of the 14,000 strong staff to acknowledge their responsibility and role.

Think Safety

It was vital that our ‘Think Safety’ campaign created a sense of belonging, uniting Network Rail’s people around a common purpose. So we started by mapping out the connections between every part of the organisation, demonstrating how each affects others throughout the system. This map showed the “bigger picture” for safety, and was brought to life through print, presentations and animated films, as part of the toolkit we developed for the campaign. This toolkit enabled managers to cascade the campaign throughout the entire organisation, challenging a localised mentality with a compelling demonstration of the interconnectedness of safety for all.

Our ‘Think about the bigger picture. Think Safety’ was successfully rolled out through the entire 14,000 strong Network Rail workforce. This was the first time the company had engaged every employee around this issue, achieving much greater awareness of safety issues (45%).



staff members engaged


increase in safety awareness

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