Mondi is an international packaging and paper group, with around 25,000 employees across more than 30 countries. With key operations in central Europe, Russia, North America and South Africa, Mondi covers the entire value chain from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and compound plastics, to developing effective and innovative industrial and consumer packaging solutions.


With Mondi being dual listed in South Africa and the UK, the business is required to produce an integrated report that incorporates a strategic report. In addition to a consistent and focused long-term strategy, Mondi has compelling sustainability credentials and our brief was to tell a clear and simple story – despite the complexity of the business and the vast range of its products and operations.

Focused sustainability storytelling

Complementing a full online sustainability report and short sustainability publication, the 2015 integrated report features a clear narrative, improved messaging and strong linkage throughout.

The core narrative demonstrates how Mondi creates value for its shareholders, its customers and society. Together with the Mondi team we further developed the business model, helping the reader to better understand the value chain. We also improved the articulation of the strategy, focusing on the links between strategy and the business model, and added KPIs to show how progress is measured. The sustainability section highlights the year's achievements and introduces a new set of commitments to 2020.

Capturing the unseen

The report reflects Mondi’s messaging around being ‘in touch every day’, not only with consumers but also with key issues such as sustainability, innovation and stakeholder needs of. We showcased the extensive range of products and how they impact lives every day, using creative photography to capture product detail.

In our view, Mondi’s 2015 report demonstrates the power and potential of an integrated report to tell the full story behind a company’s year. Compelling imagery and an engaging narrative ensure that Mondi’s strategy, performance, products, sustainability commitments and approach to governance are conveyed with style and clarity.

Building Public Trust in Corporate Reporting Award for ‘excellence in reporting’ in the FTSE 100 – Highly commended

Refreshingly clear and succinct reporting, with the tone set early on through a concise and highly readable strategic report that provides real insight into the business at both a group and segment level. The sustainability reporting is especially detailed, and makes strong use of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to identify clear actions and commitments for 2020. The judges were also impressed by the company’s governance reporting, enlivened by good use of case studies and insightful details on the external audit process. “This reporting really clarifies things – it’s comprehensible, it flows and it makes the business understandable,” commented a judge. Another summed up: “After reading the annual report, I felt much better informed about the business.”

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