Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, cover the entire value chain from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and plastic films, to developing and manufacturing innovative industrial and consumer packaging solutions.

The challenge

We have worked closely with Mondi for over four years to evolve their reporting approach, design, and content to be best-in-class. We produce a suite of reports, from an integrated report and a sustainability report tailored to specialists to a summary sustainability document for generalist audiences. In 2017, there was little gain in a radical overhaul of Mondi’s reporting so together we looked for incremental improvements, continuing to push further towards best practice.



The approach

We added an extra layer of detail to their business model, with a narrative explaining the activities they undertake and the resources they rely on. In addition, we included a detailed value chain before the business reviews, showing how the different business units work together across the integrated production process. The client often receives investor questions around this topic, and the new page makes this information readily accessible.

The governance section of the report continues to be strong, with case studies that highlight particular aspects of ‘governance in action’, such as a new board member’s induction process. The joint chair’s introduction to governance also explains at length the culture of the company and how the board demonstrates this through its leadership.

In their sustainable development report, we continued to evolve Mondi’s approach to stay at the leading edge of non- financial disclosure. In 2017 we incorporated a pilot approach to the TCFD and third-party reviews of their report. We also worked with Mondi to link their material issues to group risks and show how they are measuring their contribution to the SDGs.

The result

The refreshed reporting suite demonstrates commitment to ongoing improvement in its reporting practices and sends a clear message to stakeholders – Mondi is continuing to deliver against their strategy for sustainable value accretive growth.

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