Marston's has a 180-year track record of running pubs and brewing beer. It’s a heritage that the Company is hugely proud of - but a lot has changed over the years. As markets and customer needs have evolved, so Marston's has adapted with them. Today, the Company owns a wide range of industry-leading assets – from pubs to brands – which are the result of investment decisions that support a clear and consistent strategy.  

Our challenge

Our brief was to create a concise but informative report that reflected Marston's positioning in the hospitality sector as 'The Place to Be'. This messaging is a constant for Marston’s, neatly summing up its customer promise. It was important that the report expressed this thought in a way that was relevant to all stakeholders – not only is a Marston’s pub the place to be for a great night out for customers, the Company is also a great place to work for employees and a great place for investors looking for healthy returns.

Last year’s report for Marston’s set the Company on the path to reporting excellence – and this year, we wanted to push certain aspects even further. The marketplace pages clearly lay out the trends, challenges, opportunities and Marston’s response across its core segments of pubs and beer. 

Bringing the report to life

The strategy sits at the heart of the report, with a strong narrative linked to KPIs that provide a clear update on progress and plans. The six points of the strategy include short case studies that bring each point to life, showing how Marston's is the place to be for a variety of stakeholders.  

We added depth and clarity to the business model, for example, improving linkage and being more open about how and where Marston’s adds value for a broad range of stakeholders.

Our people worked closely with the client team to ensure that the report was fair and balanced throughout. The inclusion this year of a new column listing the challenges facing the business provided a credible and honest snapshot of the market environment.

Employees are one of the report’s key audiences and initial feedback is that people have a much clearer sense of the business and where they fit into it. They can see what Marston’s is doing and how this makes the Company the best place for employees to be.  

Concise and informative, the publication confirms Marston’s as a rapidly maturing reporter with a commitment to clear narrative, consistent messaging and the principles of transparency and fairness. 

See full report here

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