Mace recognised the need to advance its digital marketing capability . In particular,  the company wanted to develop a digital strategy that would help win work, attract and retain the best talent, and demonstrate their strong international presence.

Building from the ground up

To deliver on Mace’s brief, our starting point was their Vision for 2020 and its key business drivers and marketing objectives. Working closely with Mace’s Marketing team we planned out a programme of stakeholder engagement to develop and prioritise requirements across the business and their customers. Utilising key stakeholder groups, we ran workshops with 80+ staff, and conducted interviews with 40+ external end users. In addition, we conducted a high level content audit and analytics review of existing collateral.

From our research, we identified 11 audience personas and mapped key requirements
to customer experiences accordingly and we undertook customer journey mapping as key part of the design process to ensure the development would align to user needs.The discovery process uncovered a much more diverse range of users than previously catered for - something we quickly realised was Mace’s unique point of difference. 

A better perspective

With the ambition to Increase performance of digital marketing channels and add value
to organisational digital programme, building a technology roadmap with future scalability was crucial. We built using enterprise technologies, ensuring our solution aligned with their business technology roadmap. However it was the involvement of the Mace people throughout – from research, to governance, to user testing, to content programming – made the project truly innovative. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was also Mace’s people that took centre stage and became a key part of their story.

 An integral marketing tool

The finished website had a refreshed style and tone of voice, providing human-centric perspectives across bright, bold full-screen pages optimised for mobile. The site also works hard to simplify user experience across devices with clear navigation, tagging, translation, optimised site search and personalised content based on behaviour and location. A new
“Perspectives” section was introduced, allowing users to download whitepapers and valuable research from Mace’s experts, which has increased web interaction with 1.8K downloads.

The impact of the website was clear. As a recruitment platform, the website saw a 98% increase in careers traffic, which drove 65 website-assisted appointments - saving an estimated £500,000 on recruitment fees. The site also delivers a business development tool, with 74% of Mace’s strategic clients active on the new site. Through lead generation tactics and targeted campaigns, the new website is also collecting user data that will provide vital insight across the customer journey.

Internal reception was glowing, and won the company’s Innovation of the Year award. Further proof, that even in the most technical industries, a great idea starts with putting people first. 


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