Radley Yeldar has helped Lloyds Banking Group bring its purpose to life for over a decade. We’ve worked closely with the Responsible Business team to ensure their communications find the right balance between technical disclosure and making sure they engage their audiences in the right way. We recently developed Lloyds Banking Group’s inaugural Communication on Progress as a signatory to the UN Global Compact. 

Driving sustainable development

The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative and stands as a voluntary call for companies to report on their approach to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. It also works to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a signatory, Lloyds Banking Group is required to produce an annual progress report, Communication on Progress, outlining their actions to integrate the Global Compact and its principles into business strategy, culture and daily operations. We were appointed to develop this report, both content-wise, and visually.

Technical disclosure to meet best practice standards

The content of the report needed to meet the technical requirements set out by the UN Global Compact. This required involvement from RY’S Sustainability Consultants to advise how to meet these requirements. We also populated the document by conducting desktop research and interviews with key stakeholders, and worked alongside other third-parties.

Aligning the look and feel to the Group’s brand

Given our intimate understanding of the Group’s brand guidelines through our long-term relationship, we developed the look and feel of the end product in line with Lloyds Banking Group’s suite of responsible business reports. This ensures that the report not only sits as part of the existing reporting, but is also suitable for an online audience.

The final product – the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress 2016 – was approved swiftly with minimal amends. It satisfied client stakeholders and fulfilled all outlined United Nations Global Compact requirements.

View the report here 

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