To celebrate their 50th anniversary, LeasePlan asked us to devise and help them roll out a year-long campaign of global communications and activities to build pride amongst employees and promote the company brand to a wider external audience.

We created ‘the story of easier’ as an overarching campaign idea to help re-invigorate and build on LeasePlan’s brand promise “it’s easier to LeasePlan”. We wanted to use real stories from around the world to bring the promise to life and capture the warmth and spirit of LeasePlan’s people, all whilst illustrating the impact of ‘easier’ on customers and beyond.

To enable all 6,500 employees globally to contribute to this story we created a digital timeline where they could upload their own personal stories about how they had made something easier for a client or colleague. Then, taking stories gathered from the timeline, we developed a bank of evidence and a communications toolkit that was distributed to all 31 of LeasePlan’s global entities.

This included how to use and adapt the stories for different audiences and channels, how to source further stories and provided content ideas for external campaigns, sponsorship and thought leadership. To maintain momentum part of the concept was a European event where LeasePlan employees drove 20,000 kilometres across Europe with one team handing over to the next at LeasePlan offices. This allowed marketing teams across the EU to connect with customers along the relay route.

What was achieved


of LeasePlan’s global entities used the toolkit to help them roll out consistent yet tailored anniversary communications.


in external traffic to the LP corporate website


50th Anniversary Film

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