Laird is a global technology company focused on providing systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable connectivity in mission-critical wireless applications and antenna systems.


What this means in practice is that Laird technology is at the heart of the Internet of Things – a huge range of new connectivity applications that are shaping how we live today, from mobile phones and transport to medical devices and industry.

Lifting the lid on the Laird ‘black box’

A key reporting challenge this year was to lift the lid on the Laird ‘black box’ and bring alive the investment proposition. In particular, we wanted to show the market potential across five key sectors – highlighting opportunities in both established and growth markets.

We created a well-connected and structured document with a strong narrative, including discrete sections for specific elements, and introduced a cross-referencing mechanism in the top right hand corner of each spread. In line with strategic report guidance, we also stripped back content to deliver a more concise report, and focused on communicating key messages in a simple and engaging way. We used descriptive headings, pull-outs and short case studies to illustrate the strategy and performance in action.

Winning business and improving awareness

A key aspect of the report was a feature pull-out section to showcase how Laird is ‘responding to market opportunities globally’. Written in an engaging style and incorporating creative imagery, this pull-out also doubles as a standalone marketing communication that Laird can use to win business or improve awareness.

The report this year has received very positive feedback from internal and external audiences who have commented on the clarity of the document and its success in explaining what the business does and the context in which it operates, and in improving transparency in terms of how it has performed.

We believe that Laird's 2015 annual report shows its commitment to reporting excellence and has cemented the company's position as a serious FTSE 250 company.

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