Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company, founded over 20 years ago in Moscow. It sells products that help people protect their data. But you only protect something if you value it, and people don’t value their data. Why? Because it’s intangible. But RY changed that.

Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Contactless and more are rapidly changing the way we pay. These methods are all intangible, yet we still value them. That gave us an idea – to make data tangible by turning it into a currency.

And so the ‘Data Dollar’ was born. We designed a currency symbol made of binary 0s and 1s and brought the idea to life at a pop-up shop in Old Street station, selling exclusive merch from world-famous street artist, Ben Eine. But this was a pop-up shop with a twist, where money wouldn’t get you anywhere. You had to pay with data – personal photos and messages on your phone, picked by us.

It’s early days, but the project has already shown great success. Over 250 customers bought products with their data, while 140,000 were exposed to the store for the two days it was open. We also engaged more than 1m people online, where the facebook videos have a total of more than 2.5 million views. So far, the project has won both a gold and silver award at the AME's, a gold at the New York Film Festival, an internal award for Kaspersky’s Project of the year, and received press coverage in The Drum, Time Out and Evening Standard.

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