With 50 corporate websites, in many languages, varying in scale and complexity, GSK needed a simple system to ensure coherence of story and experience, while serving each market.


GSK has a vast global footprint, but a single inspiring mission: to help people ‘do more, feel better, live longer’. Yet, with 50 corporate websites, in many languages, varying in scale and complexity, it ran the risk of delivering a fragmented experience online. They needed a simple system that could empower every country site to serve its market and connect with its audiences, while delivering a consistent GSK experience and story.

Flexible frameworks empower local sites

To help align all these websites within the GSK narrative, we developed a digital framework aimed specifically at local operating companies and agencies. We created a library of reusable integrated templates, supported by a CMS and a toolkit containing guidelines, tips, content strategy and best practice principles.

Flexibility was key, so the toolkit provided guidance rather than prescriptive instructions. This makes it easy for different territories, brands and local partners to apply the GSK brand principles and support a more unified global presence.

To encourage adoption, we applied these principles to GSK’s three core websites: global, US and UK. These sites are there to inspire best-practice adoption by all markets, creating a coherent story and experience, with multiple local voices and languages, efficiently managed. 

The end result

One story, with multiple local voices and languages, more efficiently managed. The GSK Framework is now available for all the company’s markets. Over thirty have launched to date, producing 4.2 million site visits between them in the first four months of 2016 alone.

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