At first sight, GPE’s reports are remarkably consistent. The strapline hasn’t changed for several years and the cover always features a hero shot of one of its developments. But this belies an unceasing quest for continuous improvement which is evident when you turn the pages.

The simplicity of its message is one of the reasons why this annual report has been so successful. GPE buys buildings and unlocks their potential. This simple core message is embedded in everything they do.

A senior team at GPE is responsible for producing its annual report with the Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary and Head of Investor Relations and Reporting all directly involved. They can build consensus with other stakeholders and make decisions. To meet their expectations and objectives, the team at RY needs to bring its A game.

Bringing ideas together

Planning early is important to GPE so project management needs to be meticulous and anticipate every eventuality at the outset. At the kick-off meeting, the consultant has to bring fresh thinking with clear and relevant recommendations that stand up to scrutiny.

The messaging and thinking must work in harmony with the design. Interesting and insightful case studies are clearly communicated and bring the report to life. They distil key projects for the year, showing a building before and after with beautifully presented photography and a supporting graphic. This could be an elevation or a floor plan highlighting a distinguishing feature and typifies the report’s attention to detail.

Success factor

The reaction from investors has been positive, particularly those that are new to the group. They find it easy to read and it provides a clear introduction to what GPE does. The reporting process also provides GPE with an opportunity to focus on its business and think through the story it wants to tell. It’s a significant investment, but the return is apparent in the way the group communicates internally, with its stakeholders and through its reporting channels. A string of awards from the likes of PwC and the ICSA recognise the hard work and creativity that goes into this report.


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