The Digital Coding and Tracking Association (DCTA) had a complex story to tell and needed an easy way to convey it. With deep roots in the global regulation industry – they needed a creative that respected their past as well as promote their expertise and future offerings.

High-production values animation to tell DCTA’s story in a compelling, but informative way

Born out of the tobacco industry’s need to combat illicit global trade, the DCTA fast became the authority on all things global trade. The Association was created to promote technical standards and digital solutions, for global trade in all types of goods. They have since developed a technology that establishes them as an authority, which also benefits many other industries. With so much history, the DCTA needed a compelling way to highlight the importance of an issue and the benefits of their bespoke technology. So what was the best solution? A Film.

Conveying big-picture impact through motion
Rich 3D animation style

Forming an identity

The film was commissioned to achieve a number of strategic objectives. Firstly, it needed to signal that, having come together from four different tobacco companies, the DCTA was a cohesive entity with a clear identity, purpose and area of expertise that extended far beyond its origins. Secondly, to promote this expertise to governments, policy makers, legislators, manufacturers and trade associations, seeking to engage them in conversations around policy and practice in international trade and customs. And finally, to explain the benefits of the technology that could transform trade and save millions for many. This required a simple but powerful idea.

We created a high-production-values animation to tell DCTA’s story in a compelling but informative way. This provided a fluid, dynamic medium for conveying big-picture impact as well as deep-level detail within a single frame of reference. To achieve this, we designed and implemented a rich 3D animation style, which segued into 2D sections to explain specific sub-topic areas. To enable that ‘swooping’ view of global trade, we referenced the title sequence from The Game of Thrones. This gave it attention-grabbing immediacy to develop the scale and complexity of the solution and its benefits.

Surpassing objectives

The film’s success in achieving these objectives has led to it being used at trade fairs, face-to-face with and by senior government officials and also online.

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