D&AD ran its inaugural judging festival – a 3-day event full of talks, workshops and exhibitions. Having run two successful New Blood events previously, we were invited to take part.


But there was stiff competition – we were up against a talk by Sir Martin Sorrell and events at loads of other agencies. We needed to develop an event that would add value and convince creatives from all over the country to come along.

Who are you calling old blood? Was a high-impact creative workshop designed to help people keep the blood pumping and stay young at heart. Why? Because RY’s been going for 30 years now, but we’re more inspired than we’ve ever been. This workshop was our response to the people who think ‘new blood’ is always better. We played the idea out through our gory identity that showcased the things that are ‘vital’ to any creative: passion, courage, inspiration, ideas. And we themed our event in the same way, so a gut-themed exercise got people to pitch a terrible product to a room of strangers, a lung-themed activity asked people to breathe new life into an old object.

The event itself was a big success with 1000% more attendees than other leading agencies involved in the festival.

It was so interactive – a bit scary but brilliant. I’d definitely come to another event ran by RY.

Event delegate

"I hadn’t heard of RY before. I won’t forget you now."

Event delegate

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