Coca-Cola HBC is one of the world’s largest bottlers for The Coca-Cola Company. Their corporate website wasn’t articulating what made the company different, or featuring the great stories it had to share. We worked together to change this.


Coca-Cola HBC wanted a new website. The company was aware that it had fallen behind its peers. The site was hard to update and scale, confusing to navigate and didn’t work on mobile devices. The writing style and design were unengaging. This needed to meet diverse stakeholder needs, provide easy access to information, and deliver a great experience. The new website provided the opportunity to do this. This meant developing a robust digital platform, clear governance for content, and flexible frameworks for delivering a consistent experience and narrative to 28 local sites.

Encouraging a culture of storytelling

We ran a two-day workshop with the company’s central and local teams to answer some big questions at the offset. We sought to define what made the company different as a business, seeking a focus for the experience they wanted to deliver and stories they wanted to tell. Meeting challenges and inspiring others emerged as a core theme.

A key breakthrough in the workshop was the recognition that the company had a wealth of stories to tell, but these were not being shared with the wider world. We encouraged Coca-Cola HBC to nurture a culture of online storytelling. This would provide an authentic and distinctive voice for the company, that could be consistently but flexibly expressed across local sites.

Vision, strategy and purpose

Robust content governance was essential to ensure these stories served a defined purpose. We developed a clear vision and principles, to guide all contributors across all locations on what their content needed to achieve. We provided clear guidance on tone of voice and photographic style, ensuring both verbal and visual content tell a coherent and compelling story.

Having clearly defined the relationship between group and country sites, we established a digital framework, supported by a training site. This ensures that local sites can follow the Coca-Cola HBC template with the same attention to high-quality content and photography. This framework will be rolled out across all Coca-Cola HBC’s markets by 2017.

We’ve always been a company of doers; now we’re also learning to become a company of storytellers. And we’re happy to see the result: a corporate website that reflects us as we truly are – passionate, energetic and driven by success. It’s the start of an exciting journey for us, as our new site gives us an excellent platform to build on for the future and a solid digital framework to roll out across all our markets.

Eda Pogany

Group External Affairs Director at Coca-Cola HBC

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