CDSB wanted to make their communications more compelling, to reflect their great ambition. What’s more, in a very crowded and technical space, we had to help them stand out in a way that was as simple and straightforward as possible.

They approached us to better articulate their purpose and develop a brand that truly reflects their place in the world. We created a brand story and identity that gives CDSB a clear sense of purpose to encourage the world’s companies, governments and investors to share their vision for the future of reporting.

Working closely with CDSB’s team and board members, we co-created a more compelling narrative, and helped them to define a clearer sense of what the organisation stands for. And, with these elements defined, we developed a new visual identity that captured the connecting role CDSB plays, and the dynamism of this small but energetic organisation.

From here, we helped CDSB bring the new brand to life in almost every way imaginable – the latest version of their printed framework and website, and producing an animation, some environmental graphics, and an easy-to-use set of brand guidelines to wrap everything up in.

The most impressive impact is impossible to quantify – but we’ve had so many compliments about the clarity of our messaging. Our website is being used as an example in conversations about what other websites should look like. And, as a result of the animation, people have started saying “Now I finally understand what CDSB does!”

Jane Stevenson,

Managing Director

Aside from a delighted client, the new brand has helped CDSB to stand out in a crowded and potentially confusing landscape. Achievements include an increase in engagement across Twitter and LinkedIn, resulting in a 27% increase in traffic to CDSB’s site in the last six months. In addition, traffic to the site has increased every month for the last six months.

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