Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate is one of the world’s biggest players in its market and has a strong history of supporting cocoa farmers and making supplies more sustainable. We have worked closely with them over recent years to communicate this commitment and wanted to ensure the 2015 reporting suite continued to build on these foundations.

Sustainable change demands clarity of purpose and message. Every initiative must contribute to a coherent story showing what needs to be done, the progress already made, and the road left to travel. We helped Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate develop their own story in the form of the Cargill Cocoa Promise. We are now working closely to ensure this promise plays a central role in all Cargill’s communications.

One story, diverse audiences

By interviewing multiple stakeholders across the business, we developed a core narrative about how Cargill is ‘Improving Farmer and Community Livelihoods’. This narrative clearly articulates the ambition at the heart of the Cocoa Promise and provides a coherent thread for the whole reporting year. Gathering relevant content from around the business allowed us to bring this to life through case studies.

Yet we were also mindful of the different needs and preferences of Cargill’s diverse audiences. From customers to governments and NGOs, commercial partners and sustainability professionals, each audience has distinct requirements, attention spans and information objectives. So we recommended a flexible system for serving all audiences.

Audience-led content

A comprehensive, downloadable sustainability report is aimed at a specialist, task-based audience looking for detail. It’s split into two sections: the front includes engaging feature-style articles on the key challenges facing the cocoa sector. The second part details Cargill’s performance in the different areas of the Cocoa Promise. Readers can choose to download the whole report, or choose clearly signposted and navigable sections.

We also developed a summary report, aimed at a more general, time-poor audience, who want a top level view of the Promise, and Cargill’s performance. It also includes an overview of the challenges faced, followed by a snapshot of performance against each pillar of the Promise, supported by appropriate case studies.

Finally, we helped Cargill develop an integrated PR and social media campaign to ensure we kept their story alive and maintained engagement throughout the year. As empowering women is a strong theme in the Promise, we launched the campaign to coincide with International Women’s Day.

From our first project – launching the Cargill Cocoa Promise – to this point almost four years later, Radley Yeldar has added great value to Cargill with their original, simple, story-led concepts. We’ve used the Cocoa Promise across hundreds of tools, and it’s now a strong, credible message in our target markets. Over the same time period, we’ve increased the sales of certified sustainable cocoa by 15%, a great achievement that enables us to continue with the various programs on the ground.

Saskia Samama

Marketing Manager, Sustainable Cocoa, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

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