BP Shipping is the oldest continually operating company in the BP Group.

They celebrated their 100th anniversary early in 2015 and to mark this event, they wanted a documentary to tell the company’s story.

Formed on April 30, 1915 as the British Tanker Company, the business has adapted to significant world events including two world wars, the Great Depression, and the impact of oil nationalisations on the world economy. BP Shipping approached Radley Yeldar with the challenge to create a film telling this entire story, in an interesting and compelling manner. 

To avoid the film being simply a list of events, our approach focused on a series of personal accounts – real people telling real stories. However, instead of simply hearing from the individuals involved in key events, we took them on a journey to a place of significance. This style, enabled us to get moving accounts from key contributors on the company’s history including a veteran at the Arctic Convoy Memorial, the first female cadet being reunited with her ‘Cadet Diary’ and the joy of a 89 year old former captain returning to an oil tanker for the first time in more than 30 years.

What was achieved:

  • The film was played worldwide at all celebratory 100 year events
  • Featured in Flag Magazine



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