Berendsen develops and provides value-added textile, hygiene and safety solutions. The company operates across growth markets where it is a leading player – but where it also has exciting opportunities to maximise its growth potential.


Berendsen's aim is to unlock these opportunities through great customer partnerships and innovation – becoming respected for being the best, setting new standards and developing services that benefit all its stakeholders.

The brief for Berendsen’s 2015 Report was to communicate a series of landmark changes to stakeholders. It was the first report since James Drummond took over as CEO and the first major opportunity for Berendsen to outline its new strategy, structure, business model, mission, vision and values. The company has ambitious plans to grow through acquisitions, and the report had to position Berendsen as a credible purchaser of other businesses.

Yet, at the same time, our team had to maintain a sharp focus on the principles of best practice reporting that had earned Berendsen the respect of its peers in recent years.

Unlocking Opportunities

A major task was to ensure that the new CEO featured prominently in the report, demonstrating his clear and active ownership of the company's direction. 'Active' is a key word here – we used photographs of him around the business, meeting employees and customers as he deepened his customer and market understanding.

We used high-impact case studies to show the new strategy in action, illustrating the theme of 'Unlocking Opportunities', which appears on the front cover and forms a strong spine running throughout.

However, not all of the report was focused on change. Over the years, we have worked closely with Berendsen to instil best practice into the company’s reporting. A key part of this process has been a drive to externalise Berendsen's B2B business narrative, by showing the benefits to end users as well as to customers and shareholders. For this year's report, we created a prominent section of the strategic report that linked each strategic pillar with its impact in the world beyond.

A single, consistent voice

Effective communication demands compelling and clearly written content throughout. Berendsen's content is provided by a wide range of individuals from different cultures – so this year we introduced a copy-editing process into the schedule to ensure that all content communicated with a single, consistent voice.

Berendsen invests significant time, effort and capital into its annual report – and expects to gain good value from the investment. The insights and ideas developed for this year's report had a life beyond its pages, with the theme of 'Unlocking Opportunities' also providing the core thread and focus for several of the company’s other communications. Our work has fed into a new corporate brochure and the website, as well as fact sheets and other documents, including Berendsen's corporate responsibility report.

Awards won

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