Berendsen develops and provides value-added textile, hygiene and safety solutions. The company operates across markets where it is a leading player – but where it also has exciting opportunities to maximise its growth potential.

With a new CEO at the helm, Berendsen’s strategy for growth has intensified. They were looking for a way to showcase what the company is all about – what it does, the benefits to employees, customers, society at large, and importantly, bring the personality of the group to life.

There was a desire to become more “outward-in” focused, rather than “inside-out”. So rather than focusing solely on Berendsen as a business; turn the lens to the benefits Berendsen brings to society – through providing essential services, 24 hours a day.

The original brief was for a corporate brochure, but we suggested that the most engaging way to bring the brand personality to life and engage audiences (beyond those that were being specifically targeted) was to do so through film.

The idea for both the brochure and the film was to showcase the essential services that Berendsen delivers across each of their business lines every day through emotive images and words that people can relate to in their everyday lives.

We designed, copy wrote and produced the brochure and designed, scripted and produced the film – all in-house. Interspersed throughout both are case studies which highlight the benefits that Berendsen’s products and services offer organisations and end-users alike.

Each story is set in a different European city, at a different time of the day, which helps tell the story of a large, Europe-wide business which operates relentlessly throughout every day.

The film was so well received by its target audience that it has prompted Berendsen to update its visuals and tone of voice across all communications in line with the new design.

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