Beiersdorf is a leading provider of innovative, high-quality skin care products and owns brands like NIVEA and Hansaplast. As a business, they’re all about care – they’ve been caring for skin for over a century. So, when we worked with them to develop a sustainability strategy, we put care at its heart.


Engaging their people

As a global manufacturer acting in an ever more challenging environment, Beiersdorf wanted to bring its sustainability commitment to the next level. They wanted a strategy with far-reaching, lasting commitments to operating responsibly. And they wanted to engage their people – so they could keep these commitments. They knew success depended on each employee relating to the strategy on a personal level. So, they asked us to combine our sustainability and employee engagement expertise to help make this happen.

How to make the biggest difference

We started by focusing on what mattered most to Beiersdorf – the most important issues, the areas where they could make the biggest difference. Then we developed a strong strategy across three key areas: Products, Planet, People.

But businesses don’t achieve strategies, people do. So our next step was to engage employees with it.

We needed to help people understand why this mattered and make them want to be more sustainable. So, we named the strategy – ‘We care’ drawing on Beiersdorf’s core quality, to bring people together and inspire them to act. We identified opportunities to engage employees around the world. Then we developed campaigns, tools and initiatives to get them involved.

Ownership of sustainability

Over the last three years, ‘We care’ has encouraged Beiersdorf’s people to take ownership of sustainability. Together, their actions have helped the business achieve great things and keep their commitments.

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