Beiersdorf, the global skincare company behind NIVEA, wanted Radley Yeldar’s help in encouraging their global employee base to make better use of their cross-functional internal collaboration platform, *blueplanet.

For a company the size of Beiersdorf, driving adoption of new systems at scale can be a big ask. The company’s upgraded collaboration platform, *blueplanet, promised to be “simply the better way to work”, but getting a busy workforce interested in its benefits was the challenge.

Our brief was to develop a campaign that would grab attention, generate enthusiasm, and drive employee adoption of *blueplanet.

Just go to *blueplanet

We worked closely with Beiersdorf’s internal team to develop a campaign based on something all employees could relate to – common day-to-day scenarios that we all find frustrating, such as searching for a file, or working with a number of different people on a document. We leveraged the inherent humour in these scenarios to connect employees globally, and show them how *blueplanet can make their lives easier.

We brought the campaign to life through four animated sequences that played to various frustrating day-to-day scenarios, with the call to action being “just go to *blueplanet”. Short, sharp executions, designed to raise a smile, the animations were ideal for grabbing the attention of a time-poor audience – for many of whom English is not their first language. Our use of captions and comical sound design added to the fun, making the sequences accessible and memorable for all.

The animations were designed to work independently or as a loop, both with and without sound, and across a variety of screens (desktop, plasma screens, breakout areas etc.)

We drove engagement with carefully crafted messages that we turned into toolkits, which Beiersdorf distributed to a network of Community Manager globallyadapting the materials to their local language The toolkits encouraged employees to print out, use and deploy the various materials, and ultimately “just go to *blueplanet”.

Humour wins

The campaign was a great success, supporting the overall engagement activities and lifting the platform to ~12,000 users (out of 17,000 employees), The overall engagement campaign resulted in an impressive 39.9% increase in unique monthly users, 45.6% increase in unique weekly users and 62.2% increase in unique daily users, of the new *blueplanet platform.


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