ARM is the world’s leading semiconductor IP company. It develops and licenses technology that is at the heart of many of the digital electronic devices sold each year, from sensors and smartphones to servers. In fact, ARM technology was in around 32% of the chips used in all the smart electronic devices sold in 2015.


Although best known for the chips that enable mobile phones to work effectively, the actual market for ARM is huge. The company's technology and clever thinking has wide applications in many different areas. As the world becomes more connected, driven by the Internet of Things, so ARM's opportunities multiply – from cars and windfarms to street lights and washing machines.

ARM's business model provides a compelling equity story: the company licenses its technology to its partners and then also earns royalties on every chip sold that uses one of its technology designs.

Our challenge was to produce an annual report that explained the opportunities for investors simply and clearly, while also emphasising the almost limitless markets that are now opening up for ARM.

We shape the connected world

Having worked together for a number of years, we already understood how ARM’s technology is shaping the way we all live our lives; in the home, as we travel, at school or work, and as we have fun with our friends. This formed the basis for the main theme and strapline for the 2015 annual report – 'we shape the connected world'.

In terms of content, we built on the standards set by previous ARM reports, with a comprehensive marketplace section supported by a detailed strategic perspective from the CEO. We refreshed the way ARM explains its business model, adding depth and clarity around the value creation story and also providing greater detail on the KPIs that ARM uses to measures its progress.

The 2015 printed annual report is again in two parts, with a strategic report partnered by a governance and financial report. The idea of having two separate publications was initially adopted by ARM when regulatory bodies were looking at legislation to make such a split compulsory. The company's view is that the split is logical, and we have again enabled the ARM team to achieve this objective.

The report features high-quality imagery, clear icons and other graphic devices, and copy that not only tells the ARM story but does so with style and clarity. The most innovative aspect of the report, particularly in a sector that often overindulges its liking for visuals of semiconductors and laboratories, is the use of striking, creative photography. How many other high-tech companies have the confidence to feature a huge shot of a carp across two of its pages?

Evolving year on year

The 2015 project is the latest in a series of ARM reports that have each built on the strengths of previous publications. It has been well-received by all stakeholders and has endorsed ARM's reputation as a creative, differentiated and highly successful business.

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