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They don't appear on your balance sheet and they may only merit
a mention in your annual report, but your people influence every
aspect of your organisation.

In fact in many cases, your people are your organisation.
They have the power to make or break your business,
so getting them onside should be a priority.

Our expertise means we can transform abstract strategic direction
into actual behaviour and real results. At the heart of this is the
alchemy of turning your values into value - in other words, taking
the ideals that underpin your organisation and making them
a practical business asset by encouraging and inspiring
your people to live them every day.

This is no abstract issue. In everything from customer experience
to the creation (or destruction) of your corporate reputation,
your people play a fundamental role. In short, how they think,
feel and act are critical to your business performance.
Put it like that and engaging your employees becomes a crucial
ingredient in long-term success.

How commitment beats compliance

We have recently published a review of the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 codes of conduct.

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Our Employee engagement credentials

Engaging people - how RY can help you make your business better

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Employee Enagagement Credentials Cover

Seven golden rules of Merger & Acquisition

In this white paper we review a number of mergers – some which ended in glory, others in disaster – to identify what organisations need to do if they are going to increase the probability of their mergers going well.

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Engaging people

Engaging people - how RY can help you make your business better

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The value of values

Our 130-page report examines the stated values of the FTSE 100 companies and draws a number of important conclusions. It describes who’s claiming what, highlights best (and indeed worst) practice, and draws practical conclusions to help you turn values into value. We also look at tangible ways companies can build trust in an age of cynicism, particularly the idea of “deeds not words”.

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