'Connecting intelligence' was the central focus for the second annual report we produced with ARM Holdings Read more


We worked with Shanks, historically a leader in best practice narrative reporting, for the first time this year. Read more


International retailing group Ahold asked us to help them share their new strategic direction with the world. Read more


From the outset of the project, the aims were to achieve higher audience engagement - make the report more engaging, accessible and valuable to Vodafone. Read more


We produced our first report for Fresnillo this year, and started out with two key aims - first, to increase levels of disclosure, Second, to move the report far closer to best practice. Read more

Lloyds Banking Group

With one of the UK's largest private shareholder bases, Lloyds Banking Group works hard to communicate with its various stakeholders in effective but cost-effective ways.  Read more

Great Portland Estates

This year, we were asked to maintain FTSE 250 property company Great Portland Estates' excellent reporting form. Read more

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In today's environment, trust and confidence must be earned, with stakeholders demanding more and better information to gauge which companies pass muster. They want reporting to be more transparent, insightful and frank, with a more forward-looking perspective. They want a deeper understanding of how companies make their money and how sustainable that process is.

And with regulators also pushing for greater disclosure, the challenge is to balance compliance and communication.

We help clients by unravelling the complexities of audience needs and regulatory requirements. We invest in understanding - and shaping - the reporting landscape, notably in our comprehensive "How does it stack up?" research, a benchmark of good practice in reporting since 2006.

Our expertise in reporting ensures that our creative work is informed by understanding and insight. Our design is not simply aesthetic; it's there to present a coherent story, simplify the complex, aid understanding and make the information accessible - in both print and online.

This is the key to best-in-class reporting. It's reflected in our clients' success in winning many awards such as PwC's Building Public Trust Awards.

Trust. There's that word again. Of course for us, earning our clients' trust is equally important. With one of the UK's largest and most experienced corporate reporting teams, we're fully equipped to deliver end-to-end service - easing the pressure on our clients.

How does it stack up? 2014

We launched this years edition of How does it stack up? on 3rd July at 30 Euston Square in London.

How does it stack up? 2014

Our ninth annual review of FTSE100 annual reports - Judgement Calls - takes a look at how changes in UK legislation and the convergence of best practice guidance has empowered reporters.

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Cover of our HDISU summary report

Reporting and beyond

Making the most of investor engagement. Our latest credentials publication provides some food for thought on changes in reporting requirements as well as sharing with you some of our latest case studies.

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Digital Maturity

How do you prepare for an increasingly digital future? And how can you release the potential of digital within your business without creating more problems than you started with? This challenge demands a different kind of thinking.

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Making the most of reporting - How does it stack up?

While standards in reporting have improved significantly since we started our How does it stack up? programme in 2006, reporters could still get more from the time and effort they put in. This year's How does it stack up? seeks to inspire reporters to get the most our or reporting, ensuring a greater return on investment.

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