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  • Back to the Floor

    How working differently sparks interest and conversation: Last Friday two members of our Digital team, Sally Creasey and Ola Podgorska, got creative and quite literally took to the floor. Their experiment produced interesting results.

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  • Why stepping up to the plate is vital when it comes to reporting risk appetite

    We’ve seen huge strides in risk reporting over the past few years, particularly around the mitigation of risks. But that’s only one side of the coin. All companies need to take on a degree of risk to achieve a return so we’re encouraged to see more companies talk about their appetite for risk.  Here are three examples from Aviva, HSBC and Tui Travel

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  • Two approaches to market overviews that support strategic communication

    According to guidance from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), the strategic report should include a description of the entity’s major markets and its competitive position within those markets. It should also cover other significant features of its external environment and how those influence the business. The strategic report should set out the directors’ analysis of the potential effect of the trends or factors identified on the development, performance, position or future prospects of the entity. Here are two approaches to addressing this requirement.

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  • Our industry's full of creative characters. What's yours?

    After an amazing response to our event last year, RY are taking part in the D&AD’s New Blood Festival 2015. We’re running a hands-on workshop where we'll look at some of the most famous creative characters in the industry and what makes them unique, and then we’ll explore what makes your creative character unique.


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  • Giving your report character

    The font in your annual report is the delivery mechanism for your content. Get it right and few people will notice, but get it wrong and everybody will notice. In this article, we explore the role of the font and reveal the most popular typeface in the FTSE100.

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  • Fair, balanced and understandable? FBU under the spotlight

    Guidance to foster fair, balanced and understandable (FBU) corporate reporting has been around for years. But the UK Corporate Governance Code’s recent formal requirement for the Board to confirm this in black and white for the whole annual report has thrust the need to be fair, balanced and understandable into the spotlight. Suddenly FBU has moved from a fluffy interpretation to being an auditable mandate charged to the Audit Committee.

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  • Be honest, clear, persuasive and transparent - four ways to convince on risk management

    The quality of risk reporting in the UK has increased markedly over the past few years. So we’ve identified four of the most effective ways in which some of the best reporters are explaining how they manage their risks.

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  • Why 150 is the most important number in business

    For most of the last 30 years, I’ve subscribed to Douglas Adams view that 42 is the ultimate answer to life the universe and everything. But my faith in 42 is being shaken. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the real answer is 150.


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  • “What does your company do, again?” – Why summarising your business upfront is essential to good reporting

    It’s generally accepted that a company should describe what it does at the start of an annual report. Yet you’d be surprised how many fail to do so, either providing too little information, or including it so far back in the report that it loses its value to the reader.

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  • Beware of clip art – the art of infographics.

    Creating bespoke infographics for businesses is a dying art. Too many people don’t appreciate the time and effort required to make them work. 

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