Our team of highly experienced producers can help you tell your story and convey your messages in the most powerful manner imaginable. We specialise in turning complex subject matter into compelling, easily digestible and memorable films; employing live action, motion graphics, animation, motion typography or a combination of all the above.

Brand Film 

Ministry of Stories

Moving Image excels when helping brands come alive for audiences. A powerful piece of film can inform, involve and inspire all kinds of great outcomes that create and drive advocacy. Its great advantage, of course, is that it ‘moves’ in every sense of the word.

We have helped many of the world’s most respected brands convey their big idea or purpose through Moving Image. With our brand team we help you define that core concept. With our highly experienced producers we can then help convey and project you to all your audiences in the most engaging manner possible.


BP Energy Outlook

Our world is increasingly complex. The audiences we need to communicate with are becoming more diverse and their expectations of moving image increasingly heightened. Animation is a highly effective way of responding to these challenges.

It can simply turn the complex into the delightfully digestible, it can speak across cultural boundaries and it can surprise and delight with its visuals.

Animation is something of a specialty of ours. We have consistently won Global Gold medals for our animation work and have helped bring the full power of animation to meet a wide variety of client challenges.

GREAT - Social Enterprises

Film is a great way to create an emotional connection, inspire people to do and find out more, and to build trust. Telling personal stories with film across an organisation can foster a sense of belonging, enhance productivity and align vision and values.

We regularly use this power to help at times of change, at employee reward and recognition awards, as regular broadcasting through internal TV channels, or training or for much, much more. Indeed, we’d say that film is an essential part of effectively engaging with employees. It moves them like no other medium.

Beiersdorf Blue Planet

Nothing grabs attention like a well-crafted launch film. It turns heads, stirs hearts and leaves a lasting impression. So whether you’re launching a new product, positioning, strategy or programme of work, our team of highly experienced producers can step up and help you make the impact that you need to. This may be with one main film to spearhead the launch campaign, a suite of filmic assets to ‘drip feed’ on internal and social channels, or both.

Event films

Mace 25th Anniversary film

Be they event openers, closers or in-betweeners we relish producing films to help make events truly memorable and impactful. Moving Image is a powerful way of setting the tone and the agenda of an event, doing the heavy lifting for speakers or providing them with an impactful underlining or interlude to their speeches and leaving attendees with a lasting impression.

We’ve produced high profile event films for AGMs; Global Senior Partner summits; Investor, R&D and Capital Markets Days; anniversary celebrations; launch events; town halls and awards ceremonies.

360 VR film for JTI Information Security

Digital is redefining storytelling, helping engage people at a scale that would have been impossible before, and finding increasingly innovative ways to pass stories from peer to peer. But digital communication also enables and expects more of moving image, moving beyond traditional linear film making, reinvigorating old formats and reinventing them for a new audience with different expectations.

Together with our digital experts, and always with an eye on doing things differently, we’ve created experiences that redefine how the craft of filmmaking is deployed in digital communications and we’re always looking at ways of helping to redefine the landscape going forward.

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