Simply put, employee engagement is the extent to which people feel passionate about their job and committed to their organisation. Evidence suggests that organisations with higher levels of engagement outperform those without. Achieving this means being an engaging employer.

We can help you create the right balance between the promise you make to attract employees, how they connect with your story and culture, and their willing, collaborative involvement in improving performance. We can help you tell one story clearly and simply across all you say and do and shape a consistent and compelling employee experience that enhances engagement. In short, we can help you be a more engaging employer.

Attracting and retaining talent

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A compelling, competitive employee value proposition (EVP) and employer brand are essential for building your reputation as an employer and attracting and retaining stronger talent. The promise you make through your recruitment communications has to match the employee experience.

From a thorough understanding of your brand, strategy, culture and competitors, we articulate your EVP; setting out why people should start and continue working in your organisation. We can then take the EVP as an organising thought for creating a consistent, common thread through the communications and activities that shape a positive experience for your employees.

Inspiring and uniting your people

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Research shows that an essential aspect of employee engagement is connecting employees with business strategy and their individual roles in making it happen. This means telling an inspiring story about where your organisation comes from, where it’s going, why you’re different and how individual employees have a role to play in future chapters.

We craft strategy narratives that enable organisations to tell their story in a consistent and inspiring way; connecting employees with the bigger picture, and helping unite people through purpose, direction and meaningful work.

Cultural transformations that work

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The Severn Trent way

Whether responding to market turbulence, changing customer requirements or mergers and acquisitions – business transformation is on the agenda for almost every organisation. Effective communication is an essential factor in successful change initiatives; helping to shape culture, overcome potential resistance and embed new solutions.

From a thorough understanding of employee audiences, strategy, culture and communications, we create standout communications and engagement strategies, change narratives and tactical plans that enable cultural transformations that work for all groups of employees.

Effective leader communications

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Employees have increasing expectations about how their leaders communicate; including leader visibility and how accessible they are. Employees have more questions, want more answers and need to feel their leaders understand and respond to their issues and questions.

We help leaders communicate confidently, consistently and authentically by creating messaging platforms, toolkits, moving image and other resources that make the most of the time they spend with their people or in their digital communications. These are all ways to build greater trust in leaders, encourage positive action and enhance the employee voice.

New ways of working

Network Rail

Every organisation wants to involve its people in new initiatives and ways of working, whether that’s greater innovation, working more efficiently or improving health and safety. In short, this means finding creative and engaging solutions to the question: “What does this mean for me?”

We create engagement programmes and campaigns to involve employees in new and better ways of doing things. We achieve this through a thorough understanding of the relationship between groups of employees and the desired change. We then develop strategies and creative approaches to communications that actively involve employees in new ways of working. It’s not about telling, it’s about involving people in the solution.

Effective internal communication

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Research shows that effective communication has a positive impact on business performance. Creating effective internal communication strategies isn’t simply about auditing messages, platforms, channels and media. It’s also about understanding business strategy, the role and purpose of communication, culture and the nature of internal audiences including their information needs and preferences.

Our specialist consultants have extensive experience in developing internal communication strategies that enable greater understanding, engagement, involvement and performance. Combining with our teams of specialists in moving image and digital engagement, we create effective solutions that enable employees and entire organisations to move forward together.

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