Double and triple-check your CV

While it's common knowledge that you should have a well-polished CV, you'd be surprised how many candidates leave it all up to chance, forgetting to double-check their CVs for typos and errors. But don't just rely on the default spell-checker, have another person cast their eyes over it too.  

Do your homework

This is a given for any job application, but when you’re applying for positions for the first time, it can be easy to fire off the same CV to every company. Have a look at the company’s requirements for the internship and what sort of skills you need and include these on your CV (as long as you do have them, of course). Showing that you’ve put thought into this particular application will really impress the employer.

Make your cover letter stand out

What you can include on your CV in an internship application can be quite limiting –  this is why a cover letter is a great way to really sell yourself to the employer. Use it to highlight your most relevant and impressive skills and experience, as well as expanding the things on your CV in more detail. This is also a good time to impress the hiring manager with your knowledge of the company. Do some research on the company ethos or values (you will find these on their website) and refer to any recent projects or news about the business.

Include transferable skills

One of the biggest challenges intern applicants face is a lack of relevant work experience. So, have a think about other ways that you can show off your skills. For example, if you have only ever worked in a café or bar, you can use your customer service skills to your advantage on your CV; this is a huge part of any role. Also, think about what you do in your spare time and how this may relate to the internship you’re applying for – do you have a blog or website? Have you designed any invites/leaflets for family or friends events? Those experiences give you tangible skills and resources that may well apply to your internship.

Get your application in on time

Make sure that you find out when the deadline to submit an application is, and then make sure that you get it in on time. Remember that employers often receive dozens, and in some cases hundreds of applications for their internship positions, and making a great first impression is of the utmost importance. Make yours stand out