How to ensure your application stays consistent

The name of the game is consistency, how are you going to consistently communicate your portfolio to the company you’re applying to when you aren’t in the room? What context can you give to each of your projects so that it is incredibly clear and concise to anyone reading it? 

Try to set up a structure that can be applied to any of the projects you’ve worked on, what was the brief? Was there any relevant information you found in your research? What angle or approach did you take from the brief? – Considering these questions may help you to frame each project, and allow you to communicate clearly regardless of how you present your portfolio – whether that’s online, printed, in a pdf, or verbally during an interview.


Imagine you are a designer that has 20 minutes to judge 10 portfolios, what information do you need to make a clear decision? Use the attached PDF for a reference to judge for yourself which portfolio spreads you feel communicate this portfolio as clearly as possible, A, B, or C.