So we decided to take a reality check on what purpose is. We wanted to explore the benefits it can offer your business, and dispel any myths around it.

To do this, we spoke to 12 business leaders from brands in the top 30 of the Fit for Purpose index. Each of these standout individuals has brought purpose to life in their business. They told us where they started, the challenges they faced, and the benefits they’ve enjoyed by embracing purpose.

Discover what real purpose is...

From this unique insiders’ perspective, you’ll discover what real purpose looks like.  For everyone we interviewed, purpose is the driving force for their entire business. They argue it should be factored into every decision, present in every team, and become the reason people believe in your brand.  

Our interviewees prove that doing business with purpose creates real benefits – helping to build a stronger and more resilient organisation. 

And what it isn’t 

Purpose is not a strapline, a communications campaign, or rebadged CSR. Nor is purpose a recruitment tool for millennials, suited only to worthy businesses. 

At Radley Yeldar, we have first-hand experience of the power of purpose. Ours is to inspire change. We hope that this report will inspire you to embrace purpose across your organisation. And if it does, we’re here to help you get started.