People assume only certain types of companies can embrace purpose. But not only healthcare companies, for example, are ‘worthy’ enough to have a purpose.

The 2016 Fit for Purpose Index has brands from six different sectors represented in the top 10. There is, of course, healthcare. But many others including; Banks, Real Estate, and Consumer Goods.

The brands in the top 10 may not have a lot in common in terms of what they do. However, by looking at what they are passionate about, what they are good at and what the world needs, they have identified a purpose that can unify their organisation.    

It’s clear to see that purpose is not just for healthcare companies. Whether your brand makes soap or manages skyscrapers, purpose can help strengthen it.

No matter the size of your company, whether you’ve been around for 100 years or one, whether you’re in retail, sales, advertising or construction – every brand can embrace purpose and use it to create value for their business and the world. 

“Without purpose, the meaning of one’s work might seem constrained and siloed. I think when you aggregate the meaning of everyone’s work through a purpose lens in a corporate setting, it becomes amplified. Ideally, each employee can see a direct connection between their work and how it solves bigger problems or creates bigger opportunities that they may not have considered before. When work becomes meaningful in this broader context, it becomes a strong catalyst to positively impact employee and brand engagement.”

Vivek Bapat, SVP of Global Marketing Strategy and Thought Leadership, SAP


“When articulated well, purpose provides a sense of belonging and the opportunity to be part of something bigger for everyone in the organisation. It unites everyone to a common goal, no matter what function or business group they work in.”

Cass Swallow, Director of Integrated Communications & Innovation, Philips Lighting

How we can help

Do you think you’re ready to become a purpose-led organisation? Give us a ring. RY’s developed some tools that can get you going.

  • Fit for Purpose assessment and benchmarking: An in-depth yet quick assessment to learn where you and your peers are on your purpose journey, and what to work on next.
  • Business case for purpose: A one-day session in which we’ll work with you to identify the strongest metrics and successful case studies to convince your wider teams.
  • Materiality analysis: We’ll work with you to identify the critical issues for your stakeholders and your business which may serve as the basis to identify the right purpose for you.