Criteria: What we assess

Purpose and story

A great purpose and story is authentic, visionary and inspirational. It gives the brand focus and direction.


Using communication channels to engage your audience builds momentum and creates a movement – inspiring everyone to get involved and play their part.


Purpose needs to run deeper than just communications. It should be at the heart of the business, setting ambitions and monitoring progress.


In a purposeful company, employees are engaged and keenly contribute to the achievement of purpose-related goals.

The methodology: What we did

While it is important to have the right purpose in place, it’s just as important to put it into action. To understand who is doing this best, we assessed publicly available information across 27 global criteria, between May–June 2016. We assessed over 180 brands from the FT500 and the Eurofirst 100.

Our assessment criteria seeks to understand the following:

How many companies have a purpose statement?

  • Which companies actively state they are here to provide wider value – beyond making a profit?

How many companies act on their purpose statement?

  • Which companies claim to have made purpose intrinsic to their business, incorporating it into their people’s everyday work, and measuring the outcomes of their activities?