At RY we create and build brands with purpose. Brands that make a stand. Brands that create advocates, inside and outside. Brands that are compelling, credible and distinctive and deliver experiences that count. Ultimately, brands that last.


In a world that’s redefining the boundaries between products and services, corporates, society and individuals, we know what it takes to make a 21st century brand great.

Telling a clear story that helps you stand out in an overcrowded market has never been more important.

With a blend of strategic and creative skills, we can help you identify opportunities in your market and define how you should position yourself to build a more resilient brand for the future.

Working alongside you, we’ll define and craft a compelling story and messaging that capture who you are, what you stand for and what you value – a story that not only attracts your clients, but also excites your employees, and sets you up for the future.

Everything begins by clarifying the reason you exist, your purpose.

We help create purposes with substance – those that deliver on something that matters to individuals, society or the world. We get to understand your business and strategy and help you think through the issues and drivers that are most relevant and important to you. Supported by your most compelling stories, this is how we define your purpose with authenticity.

But words are just the beginning. We believe in putting those words into action, so we help you plan your purpose and then roll it out internally and externally. We bring our brand, employee and investor engagement teams together to help you embed your purpose within your communications, your business strategy and your culture.

Our 2016 Fit For Purpose Index shows that the strongest purposeful brands spanning all industries are embracing collective thinking.

A distinctive identity sets your business apart. It makes big ideas tangible and appealing, builds recognition, amplifies differentiation and simplifies choice. Whether it’s for corporates or countries, retailers or pharmaceuticals, charities or public bodies, we translate big ideas into compelling identities that address real business needs. We craft logos, create campaign identities, build coherent brand systems, and develop guidelines that inspire.

Internal brand engagement

Your people are the first that need to believe and live what you stand for and what you value. So whether you’re just launching your brand, or your teams don’t quite understand who you are and where you’re going, we can help bring them on the journey.

Working alongside our employee engagement specialists, we create internal brand engagement plans – from implications workshops and brand ambassador programmes, to launch campaigns. We work closely with your Internal Communications and HR teams to figure out what works best for your organisation, delivering a plan that brings everyone on board, from leadership to production lines.

Guardianship and brand health-checks

Celebrating the GREAT in Britain

Brands are living entities that change and shift as their market context evolves; so we guide and measure everything to ensure you’re going in the right direction.

We work with you to help your teams across multiple offices and regions to express and apply your brand consistently and coherently in every application. We also check-in regularly, take stock and make sure the original plan remains relevant over time – whether that means running perception or awareness health-checks or regular communications audits, we keep you on track in the long-run.

We would love to hear from you

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