We’ve been GSK’s lead agency partner for their .com for a number of years and we are very proud that GSK’s newly-relaunched website propelled to number one on Bowen Craggs’ Index 2018. This index is well-known in the industry for its rigorous and detailed analysis of large web estates.

Getting to the top has been high up on GSK’s digital agenda for a while and we have been in the top 10 for many years, but how did we make it from no. 5 to no. 1 in just a year?

Bowen Craggs recognised that the site is “a product of restless revision and perfecting” and they couldn’t be closer to the truth. 

Last year, we shifted the focus much more on user and audience needs. In particular we focused on improving the careers section with jobseekers being the sites largest audience.

So, what was different this time round?


  1. Thorough research

    We carefully analysed user journeys and the information they require. GSK is great at collecting data through analytics and ongoing surveys so we made sure we immersed ourselves in the data as well as getting actual qualitative feedback from job seekers.

  2. User testing

    User testing can be scary to both clients and agencies – what if the results are not what you were hoping for? Both sides were brave and confident and we made the most of GSK’s amazing shopper science lab where we observed and interviewed actual users navigating through early stage designs providing us with invaluable feedback that we were quick to implement.User testing

  3. Quality of content rather than quantity

    No word was left unturned in our very thorough content review and we ended up rewriting about 80-90% of the entire careers section. We integrated existing great content from across the site ensuring we had a good mix of high quality and honest copy, interviews, videos, images and tools and gave a lot of consideration to how they work together on each page. One of our key principles was to show rather than tell and whilst we introduced a number of interactive tools we made sure we weren’t holding back users wanting to dive straight into the job search.Bowen Craggs produces a very detailed report each year, and we took their feedback seriously making many smaller improvements to performance and functionality across the site that had an overall big impact.

  4. Every detail counts

    Bowen Craggs produces a very detailed report each year, and we took their feedback seriously making many smaller improvements to performance and functionality across the site that had an overall big impact.

  5. Honest and collaborative teams on both sides

    Working with an organisation as large as GSK with many stakeholders and complexities requires having open and honest teams on both sides continually challenging each other in a positive way. Whilst we won’t deny that it has had its challenges and hiccups along the way the team work and collaboration throughout has been outstanding and a key factor to our joined success. Noone said becoming no. 1 is easy.

“We’ve only been able to achieve this ranking through a long-term approach using data and insight to continually optimise our approach for the benefit of our users. Radley Yeldar has been our agency partner throughout and has played a crucial role in this success.”

Alex Saunders, Digital Communications Director at GSK

And whilst we are over the moon that we got to no. 1 we are just as thrilled that the data we’ve seen to date is very promising. Bounce rates are dropping and NPS (net promoter) scores are rising – a sign that users are enjoying our work.

What’s next?

Being restless means work never stands still and we are continuing to polish, challenge, improve and change where we recognise an audience need. 

“We’re a team of passion, drive and determination. As their agency partner, we’ve worked collaboratively with the GSK team to understand how their site should evolve and continually improved it for the users’ benefit”

Emma Welch, Client Director at RY

Since the Bowen Craggs announcement we relaunched the Consumer Healthcare product section to provide consumers a better experience and there is plenty more to come. 

Now that we’ve made it to no. 1 the work is only going to intensify. We are determined to stay here for a while. 

See the full report and analysis here.

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