RY’s film team was delighted to win Silver at the EVCOM Screen awards for Screen Innovation at BAFTA on Friday night. The winning piece of work was a 360 VR film for JTI about information security.

When the digital world is literally at our fingertips, information security isn’t just the responsibility of a few IT experts – we are all accountable. JTI approached RY to help make their employees aware of the value and vulnerability of the information they share online and educate them about how to protect themselves.

In response, we developed creative treatments that exposed the invisible dimensions of the digital world – the information transmitted, the hackers attacking it and the systems defending it. We then designed an interactive 360 degree, Virtual Reality universe to bring these things to life and communicate the dangers to employees.

To deliver this message in the most impactful way, we debuted the VR video at an interactive event held at JTI’s offices, inviting employees to step into this invisible digital world to experience it for themselves.


Why did it work?

– It couldn’t be ignored – appearing in prominent areas of the JTI offices with high foot trafficl, such as reception.

– It was exciting – an interactive event which harnessed the novelty of a VR experience and engaged people who used it

– It exposed a home truth: our online connections are easy, effortless and everyday but can have severe consequences if the dangers aren’t known to us


We don’t think about what we can’t see online. When we expose the reality of what can happen when we share valuable information, we realise we can no longer afford to take our digital interactions for granted.

VR is an exciting new technology, and its true value lies in creating an enhanced sense of intimacy. By inviting audiences to step beyond the passive state of our media-saturated world and actively participate in the message being conveyed, this event not only informed employees of the dangers of sharing information, it became an effective catalyst for behavioural change.

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