We have released a qualitative research piece titled: Fit for Purpose: A Reality Check which explores how purpose has transformed some of the world’s largest brands, from the people who work there and make it happen. Selecting 10 of the top 30 ranking companies from our 2016 Fit for Purpose Index, we partnered with Circle Research who conducted in-depth interviews with AstraZeneca, BT, Deloitte, ING, Pearson, Phillips Lighting, RB, Roche, SAP and Syngenta.

Purpose is not a buzzword, a strapline, a communications campaign, or rebadged CSR. Nor is it a recruitment tool for millennials, or only suited for worthy businesses. In the findings, RY – whose purpose is to inspire change – dispels these myths and takes a closer look at how purpose has evolved since the release of the Fit for Purpose Index 2016.

Interviewees were asked exactly how purpose has impacted their business, how they came to define and measure theirs and whether there have been any unexpected challenges along the way.

Participants interviewed hold highly influential positions such as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Pearson, Global Head of Corporate Affairs at Syngenta and Director of Purpose Marketing at SAP, all of whom provided first-hand experiences of how it has tangibly affected their organisation, stakeholders and employees.

The in-depth interviews generated a wealth of fascinating insight from those at the very top of the global organisations. Ten distinct misconceptions about purpose emerged, to explore these please visit our Fit for Purpose hub here.

For all press enquiries, including requests for interviews with the team and a media pack please contact Georgia Carmichael here

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