The Hackney-based charity launches an online film to help young people discover their gift for writing.

The film was donated and produced by Radley Yeldar in collaboration with motion and design studio Mr. Kaplin, and Hugh Ip, Creative Producer at One Small Pixel. It tells the story of a person who lives in a world crammed with other people’s stories. They feel lost, trapped and a little overwhelmed. With something to say, but at a loss of where to begin, they meet a certain someone who recognises their potential and that they have a powerful and unique story to tell. So together, they set about narrating that story and the world is richer for it.

The Ministry of Stories works with young people to encourage their creative development, primarily through writing and one to one mentoring. The charity co-founded in 2010 by author Nick Hornby, Lucy Macnab, and Ben Payne runs innovative storytelling and writing workshops in disadvantaged areas that empower young people's imaginations, building up their confidence, self-respect and communication skills. They then provide a publishing platform ensuring their voices and stories are heard.

Showing the work we do and what happens at the Ministry of Stories can be hard to sum up, but this film does it brilliantly. It shows the power of a mentor, someone who listens to a child and helps them express their ideas. The positive impact of bringing someone’s story to life and empowering them by helping them find their voice, is the crux of everything we stand for.

Lucy Macnab

Co-founder and Director, Ministry of Stories


Jules Mascarenhas, Head of Moving Image at RY believes “the world around us and our experiences of it are best understood and explored through narrative storytelling and the match with the Ministry of Stories is one of the best we’ve found in a while. Whether this tells the tale of a youngster or a complex multinational looking to differentiate themselves, the experience and challenge of storytelling is the same, as is the effect once that story is found and told effectively. We’re delighted to support them”.

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