I have recently attended a series of sector-specific investor events, in an effort to better understand some smaller publicly listed companies.

In watching a number of CEOs present to rooms full of private investors, it struck me that there are a number of ways to stand out, galvanise and engage this audience. Here are a few of my thoughts:

  1. Promotion – many companies make no mention on their social channels or website of the fact that their CEO was out presenting their investment case. A news item, event link in the investor section or a tweet (especially for those companies with an engaged social audience) is enough to spread the word. Follow it up with a piece of thought leadership, and amplify it via your social channels.
  2. Be different – quickly and clearly communicate your unique value proposition. Ultimately, this is why they’ll choose to invest in you over the competition. It should be at the forefront of their minds throughout your presentation.
  3. Compelling content – a short introduction to the company and its work using film or infographics can really make your presentation stand out. Bring the personality of the company to the fore, wake the room up and humanise investment decisions with great storytelling.
  4. Balance facts with personality – plenty of presentations are heavy on data but light on team experience or personality – or vice versa. Balancing your personality, as a presenter, with depth of data is key. Too much personality and you risk the assumption is that the financials are weak, too many facts and figures and your audience falls asleep.
  5. Know your audience – there are three distinct audience types at these meetings: industry experts, private investors and brokers. Each requires that information be packaged and showcased slightly differently. Tailor your presentation accordingly.
  6. Questions – audience queries usually come from private investors and industry experts. Prepare a detailed Q&A document, so you are armed with answers to every possible question. Also make sure you have an opinion on your sector, economic trends and, of course, your dividend policy.

To conclude, it is key to share, stand out and engage. It sounds simple but you would be amazed by how many presentations are unimaginative and stay confined to the four walls of a hotel conference room.

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