Media screens are everywhere. From bespoke installations to large outdoor displays, we’re seeing a significant increase in their presence in every day life and a multitude of new ways to use moving image.

However, they can run the risk of adding to the clutter of already busy locations rather than serve their purpose; which is to engage audiences. They’re also often situated in places where people are on the move, or not looking for them.

So when using screens, the content we create needs to stand out, grab attention and ultimately reward people for the time they spend with us. Here are some of our favourite examples of screens used in ways that are eye-catching, witty, relevant, unexpected or just good fun:

Grabbing attention

This smart campaign by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home uses multiple outdoor screens and clever technology to create the impression of a dog following shoppers around. It transforms passers by into an engaged audience by interacting with them in an inventive, charming way.


Raising a smile

In a more traditional use of internal screens, raising a smile was our primary purpose for the animations we created for Beiersdorf. In order to encourage employees to use their enhanced collaboration platform ‘*blueplanet’, we fused humourous animations with simple, snappy captions to bring familiar scenarios to life and put a twinkle in the audience’s eye.

When a screen isn't a screen

This dancing traffic light uses sound and animation to keep people alert and safe crossing the road. We love the use of a pedestrian crossing signal as a screen as well as the active role of audiences in creating the content displayed. It communicates a simple message in a fun way to focus on a real world problem.

Personalising content

This takes grabbing audiences’ attention to a whole new level. Churchill’s instant data-driven outdoor campaign rapidly generates personalised adverts for each car that drives past.  Whilst we’re not sure about distracting people while driving, it’s certainly striking and memorable.

Being unexpected

We love the way this stick-man adventure runs across screens as customers climb the stairs at a John Lewis flagship store, drawing them in.  It’s a cunning way of using of screens that interact with each other for silent, yet impactful visual storytelling.

When executed well, screens provide a platform for film makers to show true creativity in the way that we utilise them. Done properly, this will enrich audience experiences, creating memorable interactions and driving brand awareness and engagement.

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