Recently, the Financial Times reported that, of an estimated 9,000 organisations, only 306 have submitted their gender pay data, required by law to be published before April 1 2018. It also reveals that at least 15 organisations appear guilty of submitting inaccurate data, giving a taster of the reputational impact. 

The government has been canny in their execution of this new legislation. The requirement to publish the data means that in practice, it ensures that organisations are held to account by other businesses, potential employees, shareholders and the wider world.

If your organisation is considering how it will react to the legislation, you’ll know it is a topic of boardroom importance. It’s also one which communications and engagement practitioners should be ready to contribute to.

But do you know how? It's time to ask yourself some critical questions:

  • Do you understand the role of gender in the field of diversity and inclusion as a whole?
  • Do you know the extent to which these topics are valued in your organisation?
  • What does gender pay say about your organisation’s culture as a whole?
  • Can you talk clearly and confidently about the link between gender pay, organisational culture, reputation and performance?
  • Have you identified how you contribute to this link and do you have a plan to support this?

If you’re looking for answers and guidance, our white paper: Why Diversity & Inclusion will be available on this topic in 2018.

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