Throughout our Fit For Purpose report we keep stating that brands need to walk the talk. Purpose must be more than worthy words, it must lead businesses if it’s to have an impact and drive change.

Janet Wakstein, Business Development Team Lead at Radley Yeldar (far left).

But what we probably haven’t emphasised enough is the importance of actually talking about your purpose. Consulting your employees is certainly an essential first step. But talking to your customers, to your investors, to governments and even to potential partners is just as important. 

RY’s Fit For Purpose top rankers go even further – having meaningful conversations with their consumers as much as with start-ups and entrepreneurs. From Lloyds Banking Group’s ‘Helping Britain Prosper’ plan to GE’s storytelling campaigns to P&G’s ‘Ariel #SharetheLoad’ movement – these brands aren’t just creating incredibly engaging and inspiring communications, they are making people take notice. 

Communications today should make it simple for anyone to know what you stand for, regardless of the complexity of your business (as BASF’s ‘We create chemistry’ campaign shows). 

Paulina Lezama, Head of Brand Strategy at Radley Yeldar

It’s about being brave enough to acknowledge that no brand has the final or only answer. As Pearson’s Efficiency Programme shows rather neatly, it’s all about setting goals and learning along the way to keep moving forward. 

It’s also about inviting everyone to take part as Unilever’s ‘Bright Futures’ and Nike’s ‘Making Matters’ have done over the last couple of years. These movements are redefining our behaviours and altering the status quo. 

Ultimately, it’s about working together to deliver answers for each one of us, our society and our planet.

This article is part of a series of thought leadership pieces as part of our Fit For Purpose research - to learn more simply download the publication below.

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