There is growing evidence that purpose is an influential factor in the way prospective employees select an employer. 

Audience at the Fit For Purpose Breakfast

Not surprisingly, more organisations are referencing purpose in their employee value propositions (EVP) to attract the right employees. However, a challenge for many organisations is to extend the purpose-infused promise of their EVP to the entire employee experience.

This is not a new issue. The majority of employer brands only embed purpose in the attraction and recruitment processes, neglecting further stages in the employee experience. 


Mike Oliver, Head of Brand Engagement at Radley Yeldar

To overcome this challenge, an engaged employer needs to ensure purpose is ‘activated’ in the daily work and experience of employees. This goes beyond simply communicating purpose. It means creating a direct relationship for employees between meaningful work and organisational purpose. 

This is no easy feat. Purpose requires consistent, committed, resilient leadership and a deep embedding within the culture, systems and processes of the company.

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