A new agenda for governance

The ICSA Annual Conference is the premier industry event for company secretaries and governance leaders. This year's programme will explore the implications of the revised UK Corporate Governance Code and what it will mean for boards. It will also examine how business can prepare for Brexit, alongside a wealth of quality opportunities for professional and personal development.

Condensing the annual report: panel discussion

RY's Director of Investor Engagement, Brett Simnett, will be part of a panel discussion 'Condensing the annual report' on Tuesday 10th July. 


Every year, the cry goes out – annual reports should be simpler, clearer, and shorter. And every year, many reports fail on all three counts. In truth, it’s not easy to bring the size down, meet disclosure obligations, satisfy the needs of stakeholders and still come up with something pleasurable to read. Yet some do succeed, and in this session, we hear about how they cleared away the clutter.

This session will be chaired by Mark McAllister FCIS, Chairman of the ICSA Northern Ireland.

We will also be in the exhibition hall on both days. To find out more about the event or to buy a ticket visit the ICSA website, here.

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