Unlocking the relationship between megatrends, the SDGs and effective goal setting. How are companies rising to the challenge?

This webinar will:

  • Demonstrate why megatrends are a crucial consideration for any business looking to make meaningful commitments to the SDGs.
  • Showcase best practice examples from corporations using megatrends to integrate the SDGs into their businesses and redefine their strategic goals.

Companies are under ever-growing scrutiny to demonstrate their understanding of how sustainability issues impact their businesses as well as how their businesses contribute, both positively and negatively, to sustainability.

Many turn to the SDGs for guidance on the type sustainability issues they need to think about, with some redefining their strategy and goals around the SDGs. These are significant steps in the right direction. However, too often, companies fail to consider the SDGs in the context of megatrends which, though not explicit throughout the SDGs, are nonetheless hugely relevant. As a result, the robustness of any SDG mapping and strategic alignment can sometimes be compromised.

Bhaarat Verma, Sustainability Analyst at Radley Yeldar will share insights on how and why megatrends should be factored into SDG integration. He will give real examples of company efforts to integrate SDGs in their businesses, highlighting best practices and in particular companies that have used megatrends to deliver a robust set of strategic goals that incorporate the SDGs. 

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About Bhaarat Verma


Bhaarat works in the sustainability team at Radley Yeldar.


Radley Yeldar is an independent brand, marketing and communications agency. Our 200-strong team of specialists, including a dedicated team of sustainability experts, has been working with multinationals, start-ups, private companies and public bodies for more than 30 years. RY’s work reaches audiences around the world – from boardrooms to billboards. We offer sustainability strategy, engagement and reporting services to help our clients make their case in a way that’s brave, compelling and credible.



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