What the hell am I doing here?

The best creative is work with purpose. It’s work done by purposeful, driven people who know that creativity can save the world.

At RY, we know that purpose is the key to effective, outstanding creative. In this workshop, we’ll inspire people with the power of purpose – and help them discover their own.

  • We’ll establish the power of purposeful work through a look at recent big D&AD wins.
  • We’ll talk about our own purposeful work – and how we did it – with three key projects: TEDx, RE:FIT and GREAT.
  • We’ll run interactive exercises to help people discover their own purpose as a creative.
  • We’ll help them understand the value of their purpose and how they can make most of it in the real working world.

You will need a D&AD Festival pass to attend this event. Please sign-up via the D&AD website.

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