What does outstanding social communications look like in 2016? How can you gain real value from your company’s social presence?

We believe the secret is all about focus. Without focus your social communications will be more than mediocre. You’ll be trying to please everyone while not making a real connection with the people who matter to the future of the business.

It’s time to stop taking the leap of faith with social and time to start focussing on what matters to your business.

George Butler

Senior digital consultant

At the seminar, we’ll be running a series of practical workshops to:

  • Help you call out what’s holding you back from success with social
  • Help you map out the route to stand out progress in your social communications

We'll also:

  • Share what focus means for social corporate communications so you can get measurable value from your efforts
  • Share best practice social corporate communications so you’ll know what to aim for
  • Share practical tips to help you connect with the people who matter to you

Why is this social seminar different?

Let's face it, there’s been a lot of noise about social for ages now. Noise that compels you to experiment without any care for the expense.

This seminar will help you to focus on what matters: getting value out of your social communications – value that helps your business achieve its strategic goals. We’ll also cram it full of practical tips you can take back to your business and implement straight away.

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