A spotlight on how employee engagement can help you manage change. This event explored the critical role that communications and HR professionals play in helping large organisations manage change with confidence.

This event focused on the role of employee engagement measurement as an enabler of cultural change and enhanced performance. More specifically, we considered the role of measurement as part of a systemic approach to action and change.

Over 90% of global organisations today conduct annual employee engagement surveys. But how many use the results to drive real organisational change that will improve performance? Are the priorities of employee engagement measurement aligned with the strategic priorities of the business? And are leaders and managers being equipped with the information they need to focus on those priorities and create change?

On the day we were joined by James Court-Smith, from data consultancy Stillae, and Cathy Brown the Executive Director for Engage for Success, our speaker panel will discuss guidance and share tips on good practice and you'll also have the opportunity to join in the debate.

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